www.mgm4858.comTelstar vs Volendam

He wanted to make the most of the turbulence that prevailed in Fortunas
triathlon, but he did not make it, giving a 1-1 draw to Sitard. Open
play with opportunities on both sides, he managed to open the score only
at 6 (0-1), then had opportunities to get a better lead from one point
and then the opponent balanced, the equalizer came with a penalty
shootout at the 57 1) and a little missing in the finale to lose through
her hands the grade.

www.mgm4858.com,Second home draw for Telster after Jong Ayakas (3-3 home) completes
three games that ignore the victory (0-2-1), just measuring a defeat in
the nine recent games (4- 4-1). He is in sixth position with 42 points,
theoretically is within five for the well-known reason with the Youth
teams. Inside counts eight wins, four draws and a defeat of 31-21 goals.
Fou Hauseen (Defender, 22, 3) added the cards to Sno (Defender, 21, 0).

On the other hand, Follandm once again took advantage of its home base
(fifth home win), more easily than Dordrechts 4-1. Turned into a play
for a role role, he stepped dynamically from the start and locked the
win from the first half (6 , 27, 31 , 40). The procedural character of
the repetition simply accepted the reduction at the 47th meeting and
from then on there was nothing remarkable.

Returning to the winning result for Fulham after the defeat of De
Graafault (2-0), reaching five wins in the last six games. He climbed to
14th place and 32 points, to -4 out of 1 round of playoffs and to -7
from entering the five. Outside, he has three victories, two draws and
seven defeats with 15-22 goals. Schider (Meso, 18, 1) remains out of the

耍法 主队 指数 客队 让分 特尔斯达(1.06卡塔尔(قطر‎ 平/半 福伦丹(0.82卡塔尔