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【www.mgm4858.com】王永珀周忘:为两连续输感应抱愧。It was a pretty surprise that Ulsan lost to Shanghai SIPG, they had big
chances in the match but they blew out all of them. First chance of the
match for Shanghai produced a 0-1 goal, two defeats in K-league,
elimination from the FA Cup, losing to much weaker sides. In the
championship they are without points after four weeks but have chances
to stay in AFC CL thanks to a decent run, a win over Melbourne would
guarantee the place among 16 best teams.


Melborne delivered a good result against Kawasaki Frontale, Barbarouses
scoring the winning goal, the same player were seen red card on Saturday
in the match where they hoster Western Sydney Wanderers. He will play
against Ulsan, though. Victorys main goal for this match is remain
unbeaten, also a win would qualify them to the last 16, but remembering
that a draw would still suit the both teams in the competition I would
pick rather Victorys double chance than Ulsans win, which is not yet
necessary for them.


玩的方法 主队 指数 客队 让分 大邱今世(0.96卡塔尔 半球 苏黎世胜利(0.92卡塔尔(قطر‎

guys,Hope you had a good weekend!It was a busy and difficult week: we
had 2 matches, in Shanghai and at home. Unfortunately we lost both the
matches, I am very sorry for this.In Shanghai we lost against a very
good opponent team. The 2nd half was exciting and full of opportunities
but we couldnt make it. I received many congratulations for my free kick
goal. I must admit I am happy with that goal, long one practicing free
kicks and the goal was beautiful! But I am also sorry that my team lost.
As you know my fellow David Beckham told me I have learned from him. I
say yes, probably yes. I saw him many times during trainings with AC
Milan… and I also had teammates like Ronaldinho and Pirlo, master in
freekicks! Haha I send a big hug to those 3 legends!On saturday we faced
Henan Yatai at home and also we lost 3 points. Very disappointed and sad
about this.Lets start the week with positive energy and focused on the
next match. We need energy and support by our Quanjian fans!A big kiss
to all my fans and supporters!Pato相关推荐:利雅得富力主帅解除禁令他们能重返胜利轨道吗?