www.mgm4858.com:Santa Fe vs Emelec

www.mgm4858.com ,He presence in the clubs of this years Copa Libertadores was secured by
Santa Fe, whose course began in the second qualifying round. There, he
encountered Deportivo Tatsir, where the away 2-3 in combination with the
0-0 in the repetitive, gave him the qualifying. In the playoffs, she
found Santiago Wunderhead against whom she won two wins (1-2 away, 3-0
in) and took the ticket for the clubs. He participates, having finished
in third in the overall Colombian Championship score.

After a very bad start in the championship, this year, counting three
defeats in as many games, managed to celebrate its first victory. In the
past, Gregorio Peretzs home team played with Yagouras de Corbodas, who
won 4-0. The protagonist of the match was Morello, who scored all four
goals for his team. She has been defeated only once in her last 12 home
games, in all competitions, counting four more wins and seven draws, and
has not scored a goal in the last three.

For the 27th time in its history, Emelek participates this year in the
event, which will take place from 2010 onwards. Nevertheless, she has
never reached the title. Her last season ended in the 16th, when she was
eliminated from San Lorenzo in the penalty shootout (5-4), after a total
of 1-1. This year, she secured her presence in the clubs, and after her
championship in Ecuador.

He has begun a very dynamic start of the season, measuring two wins in
an equal number of matches for the league, against El Nacional (1-2) and
Makaras (2-0). The last game was on Friday night, with Alfredo Aria
having two goals in the last minutes, with Angoulos (83 ) and Presioudos
(pen. 88). It has prevailed in four of its last five outings, with a
defeat. In the races, besides the injured Ovaldo Lastra (ME 1/0) and the
punished Oscar Baguimi (AM 1/0). In addition to Jefferson Monther (EP
0/0) acquired as a loan from the Spanish Getafe.

玩法 大分 指数 小分 进球数 大分(0.80) 2 小分(1.06)